CLient Testimonials

Pete reached out to me to try out his Texas customs net rigger. Very nice product that functions well for its purpose no more having to hold the bag or have the bag in the way on your nets when scooping. Simply to attach to your net handle and clip the magnet on your net. Will work well for all species of fish you choose to net. Nice work Pete! (Capt Chris)

Capt Chris BartschGuide Service, Green Bay, WI

My name is Jeff Venne, I’ve been using the net trigger for some months now. I find it to be extremely helpful with solo netting, from crappies to muskies Brooke trout to Pacific king salmon!

Jeff Venne

I fish the upper Midwest extensively , and most often my boat is moving . Whether that is back trolling bait rigs or trolling crankbaits for walleye , bass , and northern pike . I also spend a good amount of time trolling the Great Lakes for salmon and trout . The Net Rigger has become an invaluable tool and has dramatically improved my success with netting fish while on the move . The device is simple to install on existing nets and even easier to use . Get one and see the difference for yourself .

Timm V.