NetClamp 10lb w/10lb Medallion Force




NetClamp 10lb w/10lb Medallion Force

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The NetClamp from NetRigger is the perfect accessory for your net. This is the 10-pound NetClamp with a 10-pound medallion. Net not included.

The 10/10 combination is perfect for 18″-24″ net hoop diameters. Ideal for Panfish.

Each NetClamp includes two inserts to make sure it can easily fit 1 1/4″, 1″, and 3/4″ net handles.


The NetRigger from Texas Customs is the must-have accessory for your net. The NetClamp is easy to install and only takes about 60 seconds to attach.

The NetClamp comes in 10-pound, 15-pound, and 20-pound magnetic weights, and can be purchased in a variety of combinations. Each combination can be used for a different style of fishing and different type of fish.

The NetClamp from NetRigger helps keep your net out of the way while reeling in your fish, while also keeping your net from moving around in the water and inteferring with the netting process.


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